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How much oxygen does my torch use?

flowrates of torches

When considering a High Volume Oxygen system to replace your dependence on compressed or liquid oxygen tanks, there are various considerations. Knowing how much oxygen you go through in a set period of time is a great way to figure out which High Volume Oxygen system will work best for you. It helps to know how long a tank of oxygen lasts you, but short term usage is also helpful to make sure you get a system that can keep up with you. How do you figure out your short term usage? Start with your torch(es).

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What are the manufacturer recommendations for my torch?

When looking at how much oxygen your torch uses, a good place to start is with the manufacturer’s specifications for your torch. Here’s a list of links to the manufacturer’s torch specs pages to help you get started:

Note that just because a torch has a listed maximum flow rate, you likely won’t be using that amount of oxygen constantly. It’s very rare that a torch is turned wide open and run like that consistently. But, you may also be using your torch differently than the situation in which it was tested.

In real world usage, pressure settings change and actual usage can vary greatly from manufacturer’s specifications. For example, we’ve seen folks using a GTT Mirage going through 70 lpm of oxygen, which is well above the manufacturer’s specifications. The way you use your torch will determine your usage.

We’ve come up with a variety of flowrates for various torches and have documented the torches in use in our Lincoln Hot Glass studio which runs on natural gas and High Volume Oxygen. In the playlist below, you can see varying flames and the amount of oxygen they consume for the Carlisle CC, GTT Mirage, GTT Delta Elite, Bethlehem Bravo, Herbert Arnold 40 mm, and National and Smith Little torches.

If you’re not sure how much oxygen you’re using, it’s okay! Get in touch with the HVO Team, and we can work with you to figure out the ideal High Volume Oxygen system for your situation.

5 thoughts on “How much oxygen does my torch use?

  1. Thanks for this great info!

    1. Glad you found it helpful, Jay ­čÖé

  2. I have a Bethlehem bravo. Do you happen to know the flow rate min/max already? Thank you!!

    1. Hi R Wallace, The manufacturer spec sheet and our in-house testing have come up with similar flowrates of 7-38 lpm. If you’d like to see the flames that use specific amounts of oxygen, check out this video:

  3. I recently acquired some large o weld torch tips w-17 250 and some others. Are multiple bottle set ups required for these large torches?

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