Industrial Oxygen Generation

HVO systems have broad application, but they are commonly used in these market segments:


HVO powers Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) for indoor farming of oysters, shrimp, tilapia and trout in the USA and Canada.

Safeguard your livestock against oxygen deprivation using our IoT and cloud-monitoring solutions, which provide instantaneous notification via email and/or text when critical metrics require attention.


Start the yeast in your beer wort or kombucha with a pure, endless supply of oxygen from an HVO system. Never pay an oxygen bill again or hold up production because you’ve run out.


HVO systems provide the biggest bang for your buck for supplying dissolved oxygen. Benefit from an ongoing supply of oxygen for your hydroponic, aeroponic, and soil-growth systems. Supersaturating your water with dissolved oxygen can increase growth of leafy vegetables and reduce crop time. Contact us today and see how you can benefit from our solutions.


High Volume Oxygen systems are the gold standard oxygen generators in lampwork glass. Used by artists and scientific torch-workers the world over, the HVO system is ubiquitous in institutions, large studios, and in artists’ solo shops. Read our testimonials and you’ll understand why HVO is the number one oxygen solution for glass.


Oxygen generation eliminates monthly oxygen costs (delivery, tank rental, fees and taxes). No need to make time-consuming calls to an oxygen supplier. No more emergency calls for oxygen when you run out unexpectedly.

No other veterinary oxygen generating system uses cloud technology to track the availability of high purity oxygen 24×7.

The HVO system requires minimal maintenance. It refills the oxygen tank to 150 PSI automatically. The Seeing Eye™ IoT and cloud monitoring system watches your HVO system around the clock, ensuring a constant supply of high purity oxygen for your patients.