Oxygen Generation and Compression Systems

HVO systems come in two models: the Classic™️ and the Pro Series™️. Both share the same oxygen-generating capabilities. The Pro Series™️ adds cloud monitoring and notification, a data display, remote software updates, and an optional mass flow sensor. For life-supporting applications, whether plants, water creatures, or pets, cloud monitoring and notification are essential features.

For the glass market, we recommend the Classic™️. For Aquaculture, Horticulture, Veterinary and other markets, we recommend the Pro Series™️. Of course, you can choose either. Both are capable of generating from 10 to 300+ LPM of 93-95% pure oxygen.

Choose your Configuration

Once you’ve chosen the product line, consider the amount of oxygen storage that you need, as well as the maximum flow rate in LPM, and the output pressure. With those parameters defined, you can choose storage tank(s), compressor(s), and the model and quantity of oxygen concentrators.

Read our blog to for help making your configuration choices. At any time, feel free to reach out to our staff of Customer Advocates to get advice on choosing the right system and features.


HVO 20 Classic

Provides a choice of 30-100 or 100-150 PSI and concentrator warm-up settings. The Classic delivers solid performance, high-reliability, and scalability to suit a wide range of applications.

Pro Series™️

HVO 80 Pro Series™️

Retains the best features of the Classic, but adds IoT support, an online web portal, cloud monitoring and notifications, oxygen purity sensing, a data display, mass flow sensor support, and remote software updates.

The Seeing Eye™️ cloud monitoring system gathers oxygen metrics from HVO systems and transmits this data to the cloud every 10 seconds, where it may be viewed in the web portal.

Notifications are sent when metrics fall outside of normal ranges, e.g. if tank pressure is below the low setpoint, or if oxygen purity is below a given percentage. The system generates email and text notifications to all concerned parties. The parties to notify, thresholds for critical metrics, and the frequency of notification may all be configured.


For both the Classic™️ and the Pro Series™️, you may choose from the tank sizes and compressors below:

Tank Size (Liquid Gallons)Capacity at Pressure (Gas Liters)CompressorMax. Input (LPM)Max. PSI
772.4Mighty Mite45150
1,158.7Might Mite45150
2,317.3Mighty Mite45150
3,089.8Mighty Mite45150

The maximum input value above indicates how much oxygen a given compressor can efficiently store. For example, the Mighty Mite accepts up to 45 LPM of input, so, for maximum compression efficiency, you can attach five 10 LPM oxygen concentrators with the flow dialed to 9 LPM. The MAX can handle 55 LPM of input or six 10 LPM concentrators with the flow dialed to 9 LPM.

North American Power Requirements

See the chart below for details about power requirements in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and whereever 110-125 volt 60Hz AC power is used.

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