Increase the oxygen-generating capacity of your HVO system by adding Drones, Storage Tanks, and Oxygen Concentrators. Additional Relay Boxes may also be required when adding Drones and concentrators. Cabinets are available to protect oxygen concentrators from dust and water, and to improve organization.


HVO 60 Drone

A Drone is compressor and tank combination without a controller. It’s purpose is to extend the compression, storage, and oxygen-generating capacity of your HVO system.

Drones take their commands from the “Master” via a coaxial cable. Available with either a Mighty Mite or MAX compressor, and tank sizes of 30, 60, and 80 gallons.

Drone tanks may be attached to other HVO tanks via a braided steel interconnection line, forming one unit of storage. Multiple tanks may be interconnected.


Storage Tanks

Add a storage tank to make more oxygen available during periods of high usage.

Oxygen Concentrators

For customers in the USA & Canada, we offer AirSep Onyx and Philips Respironics M10 oxygen concentrators. For use outside of the USA and Canada, we recommend the AirSep Onyx, because it is available with 220/240V 50hz power. Both are excellent products.



AirSep Onyx Ultra

  • Power: 120 V / 60 hz / 6 A or 220 V / 50 hz / 3 A
  • 10 LPM output @ 20 PSI

Philips Respironics M10

  • Power: 600 W, 120V / 50 h
  • 10 LPM output @ 10 PSI


Relay Boxes

The HVO system turns the attached oxygen concentrators on and off via a signal sent over a coaxial cable to one or more relay boxes. We offer 3-outlet and 5-outlet relay boxes.


Protect and organize your oxygen concentrators in our ventilated, dust-free cabinets. Available in 4-concentrator and 6-concentrator designs.


  • Includes two shelves, locking doors and casters
  • 500 CFM / 1000 watt AC fan powered by relay box outlet
  • 4-concentrator model requires 30 A dedicated circuit
  • 6-concentrator model requires one 20 A and one 30 A dedicated circuit
  • Equipped with oxygen lines to all concentrators
  • Single 3/8″ push-to-connect output and two coaxial connectors located on the rear of the cabinet
  • Available for both Classic and Pro Series
  • Dimensions: 36″ W x 79″ H x 24″ D
  • Weight: 180 lbs without concentrators