About Us

We pride ourselves on being a human-level company — big enough to be able to deliver technology and services at scale, but small enough to develop strong relationships with our customers. This means more than just answering the phone personally when you call, but also having an understanding that oxygen may be life-supporting for your business.

Top Row (L-R): Josue Afanador, Dennis Kornbluh, Riley Cleal, Carrie Strope
Bottom Row (L-R): Matt Losey, Deni Kornbluh, Marc Kornbluh, Ari Kornbluh


Sales / Operations Team ContactEmail Address
Ari Kornbluh, Customer Advocateari@highvolumeoxygen.com
Carrie Strope, Customer Advocatecarrie@highvolumeoxygen.com
Deni Kornbluh, COOdeni@highvolumeoxygen.com


We’re not just about selling oxygen systems. HVO is committed to providing complete customer satisfaction by building affordable, reliable, state-of-the-art solutions and delivering the best support in the industry.

We also take pride in having developed the most inventive and cost-effective oxygen generating systems on the market today. Our IoT and cloud services enable real-time monitoring of oxygen production. Our patented modular system design allows customers to start small and expand as their needs grow. These features were unheard of until HVO came along.

We continue to refine our products and add capabilities based on the needs of our customers. As an HVO customer, your voice will be heard, and we will respond with innovative and affordable solutions.

High Volume Oxygen was established in 2011. We manufacture state-of- the-art, modular, expandable, perpetual oxygen generating systems for the aquaculture, beverage, glass, horticulture, and veterinary markets. Our customers are located throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Bermuda, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. We are located in Lincoln, Nebraska.