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How much oxygen does my torch use?

flowrates of torches

When considering a High Volume Oxygen system to replace your dependence on compressed or liquid oxygen tanks, there are various considerations. Knowing how much oxygen you go through in a set period of time is a great way to figure out which High Volume Oxygen system will work best for you. It helps to know how long a tank of oxygen lasts you, but short term usage is also helpful to make sure you get a system that can keep up with you. How do you figure out your short term usage? Start with your torch(es).

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How much oxygen do you need? (Part 2)

In part 1, we talked about the density of oxygen, gas measurement standards, and how to calculate gas volume for a container of a given size at a given pressure. In this post, we’re going to use that knowledge to configure an HVO system that is capable of producing the amount of oxygen that you require.

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How much oxygen do you need? (Part 1)

When you buy a container of ice cream, you may think that a quart is a quart until you learn that one brand contains a lot more air than another. You can weigh the two containers and you’ll know that the heavier one contains more product. The same is true for gases: two tanks may be “full” from the top to the bottom, but the volume of stored gas is based on density, which is mostly determined by pressure.

Like most common gases, oxygen expands to fill its container. But how much oxygen is actually inside? You may know that an oxygen cylinder contains some number of cubic feet of oxygen, but the cylinder doesn’t look like it could possibly hold that much. It’s the compressibility of oxygen that makes it possible to squeeze a mass of gas into a small space.

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How much does oxygen cost?

A Mass of Gas

This simple question has a not-so-simple answer, as there are many factors that influence the cost of oxygen. Gas company prices vary significantly depending on where you’re located, whether you’re getting scheduled deliveries, and whether you have an annual contract. The amount of oxygen you use will impact the cost of compressed, liquid, and generated oxygen. To make the most economical choice, let’s examine your requirements.

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