The Pro Plus™ and Classic Plus™: Our best oxygen generating systems yet.

HVO Pro Plus Oxygen Generating System

Make your own oxygen with an affordable HVO™ system. Gain independence from gas company prices, schedules, and fees.

Our patented, automated and expandable oxygen-generating systems are available in a wide range of configurations, up to 280 LPM / 10 CFM / 17 m3/h with regulator pressure up to 130 psi / 12 bar.

Features and Benefits:

  • Modular Design. Easy to expand. Grow your system over time by adding concentrators, compressors, and tanks, to increase the volume of oxygen produced.
  • Cloud Monitoring of oxygen generation 24×7 ensures the availability of high-concentration oxygen and sufficient pressure for critical applications.
  • New 5″ Touchscreen provides a user-friendly interface that displays real-time statistics, and enables users to configure the system to their preferences. Language support is provided for English, Spanish, and French. Additional features include: On-screen wi-fi configuration, configurable alarm levels, and more.
  • New Off-board Pressure Transducer supports tank pressure up to 175 psi, also senses gas temperature.
  • New Dual 110 SCFM Fans in the headbox keep your system running cool.
  • Low cost per unit of oxygen. A 20 LPM HVO System makes three H tanks per day for about $5 worth of electricity*.
  • Regulator pressure as high as 130 PSIG. A variety of configurations are available and customized to the needs of your shop, studio, hatchery, or clinic.
Pro Plus Touchscreen

* Assumes 1.8 kWh for 18 hours of oxygen generation @ 0.16 cents per kWh

Since 2011 we’ve been generating oxygen for a growing community of satisfied customers. Our goal is 100% satisfaction.

How does the HVO System work?

The video below illustrates the benefits of the HVO System in a veterinary setting.

More Oxygen per Pound vs. Feed-Air-Dependent Systems

HVO 80 Gallon 70 SLPM Systemvs.Skid-Mounted 65 SLPM Oxygen Plant
Weight710 lbs / 323 kg2,200 lbs / 1,000 kg
PowerSingle Phase 120VAC & 240VACThree Phase 380VAC & 575VAC
Feed Air CompressorNone requiredScroll or other Compressor Required

An HVO System:

  • Fits easily in a utility room
  • Is one-third the weight and half the size of a skid-mounted oxygen plant with similar output, making the HVO system less expensive to ship, and easier to install
  • Does not require an air dryer, a costly component that is a single point of failure on skid-mounted systems
  • Does not require a technician with specialized skills to perform service. All of our systems are self-serviceable with low-cost, easy-to-swap components
  • Runs on household, single-phase power

Introducing the Smart Relay

A 5-outlet Smart Relay is now available as an alternative to the standard 3-outlet and 5-outlet relays currently offered. In the HVO System, the Main sends a signal to the relay box(es) via coaxial cable to control the power to a bank of oxygen concentrators.

Smart Relay features:

  • LED lights that show the status of the Smart Relay, such as whether the coaxial signal is on and whether the relay box is connected to the cloud
  • Senses volts and amps consumed by the attached oxygen concentrators. Data is sent to the cloud to enable notifications via text and/or email when actionable conditions are detected.
  • Enables a Drone to be activated with a configurable delay, so that the connected concentrators may be “warmed up” until they are producing the maximum oxygen concentration
  • Capable of energizing individual outlets with a delay to prevent a power surge that could trip an electrical breaker
  • An on-board 100dB piezo buzzer produces a tone when an actionable condition has been detected, such as high amperage

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NEW: Measure and Track your Oxygen Usage in the Cloud with the Oxygen Tracker


  • Quantifying your operation’s oxygen usage over a period of time
  • Discovering costly oxygen leaks in your gas plumbing or end-use devices
  • Economizing on oxygen usage
  • Reconciling actual usage with gas company bills


  • 5″ touch screen displays real-time measurements
  • Uses an internal mass flow sensor that is able to detect flow rates as small as 0.1 LPM and as large as 300 LPM
  • Supports line pressures up to 100 psig
  • Display flow rates in either Liters per Minute (LPM) or Cubic Feet per Hour (CFH)
  • Supports US English, French, and Spanish, as well as Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • A weekly report is emailed that summarizes oxygen usage by week
Seeing Eye Portal Historical Graph

NOTE: Compatible with compressed or liquid tanks, as well as any PSA oxygen generating system.

The Oxygen Tracker measures the flow rate of oxygen, as well as gas temperature, ambient temperature, and total liters consumed. Measurements are transmitted to the cloud every 10 seconds and may be viewed in our web portal.

How to Choose a High Volume Oxygen System

Our experienced team of customer advocates will help you to select the right system for your needs. Options include flow rates of 20-280 LPM, regulator pressures as high as 130 psig**, and cloud storage of real-time sensor data with notifications via text and/or email.

** The maximum regulator pressure may be set as high as the low setpoint pressure. See Model Options below.

Classic Plus™

The workhorse system on which HVO built its reputation. Powerful, dependable, economical and manufactured to the highest standards. Customizable delays enable maximum oxygen purity along with high pressure set points from 100-175 psi and regulator pressure as high as 130 psi make the new Classic Plus our most powerful system to date. Learn more.

Pro Plus™

All the features of the Classic Plus System, plus critical metrics that are necessary for life-sustaining applications. Built-in sensors measure O2 %, tank pressure, gas and enclosure temperatures. These measurements are sent to the cloud every 10 seconds and are maintained in a database for up to a year. Receive email and/or text alerts when readings are outside of pre-configured ranges. Users can view status information on the 5″ touchscreen, or by logging into the Seeing Eye web portal. Learn more.

Model Options

Choose a compressor below to select the number of concentrators that can be attached to an HVO Main or Drone, as well as the maximum tank storage pressure:

CompressorMaximum Tank Pressure# of Concentrators
Mighty Mite160 PSIG4120VAC/60Hz & 240VAC/50Hz (EU)
Titan 1160 PSIG6120V/60Hz, 240VAC/50Hz (EU)
Titan 2175 PSIG7240VAC/60Hz (North America)
Note that tank pressure is not the same as regulator pressure. Learn more about pressure.

Oxygen-Clean Storage Tanks

Safe, oxygen-clean, steel storage tanks:

  • Available in 30, 60 and 80-gallon sizes
  • Tanks may be linked together to add storage
  • HVO’s Oxygen Clean Storage Tanks come pre-drilled for easy expansion with a “Drone” compressor, which increases the oxygen generation capacity of the system by allowing you to add oxygen concentrators beyond the maximum input of a single compression system

Oxygen Concentrators

We sell NEW 10 Liter per Minute (LPM) oxygen concentrators from Philips Respironics, and AirSep.


Increase oxygen production by growing your solution, keeping the components you already own. Add tanks, “Drone” compressors, and concentrators with plug-and-play simplicity to increase capacity.​ The diagrams below show 60 and 120 LPM systems.

Add a Drone, tank, and concentrators

Learn more about how HVO Systems work on our blog.

Affordable, Efficient & Green

One hundred pounds of steel. That’s how much weight must be carried in a truck to deliver one tank with a few pounds of oxygen. In addition to the convenience of making your own oxygen on-site, you can feel good about taking gas delivery trucks off the road and cutting back on your carbon footprint. With an HVO System, you’ll spend less than $2 on electricity to make the equivalent of a K-tank or an OX 300. Even more green for you. Some HVO Systems go a step further by running on solar power!

Exemplary Customer Service.

We are here for you! See below for ways to contact us. We’d be delighted to help you figure out the best solution for your needs.

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