Generate Oxygen to Start Yeast for Brewing

Be Ready to Brew, Don’t Run Out of O2

Oxygen is beneficial for yeast growth and reproduction. Yeast uses oxygen to synthesize the material for expanding cell walls, i.e. sterols and fatty acids. Without a proper start, the fermentation process will be less effective. This can have a dramatic effect on your beer, wine, kombucha or spirits.

The typical approach is to use “bottled oxygen” for this purpose. The primary advantage of generated oxygen is that it never runs out. In addition, generating oxygen with an HVO system will save you money. You’ll never have to lug tanks again, and the oxygen produced is triple-filtered, pharmaceutical grade.

Advantages of Generating Oxygen

Using an HVO system makes it possible to know that oxygen will be available when it is needed. Our system can sit in an isolated space and make oxygen largely untended for years at a time, delivering clean oxygen without the risk of introducing outside contamination (e.g. from truck-delivered tanks and personnel).

On top of those benefits, generated oxygen is lower in cost than delivered tanks, whether the tanks contain compressed gas or liquid oxygen. The savings are typically significant enough to pay for your HVO system in as little as 12 months.

Talk to an HVO Customer Advocate today to learn more about how to improve your operation by having a permanent, low-cost, and clean supply of oxygen 24×7.