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Generate Oxygen with Solar Power

Is it feasible and beneficial to run an HVO oxygen generating system with photovoltaic (PV) solar panels? That is the topic I’ll be exploring in this post. I consulted with professional solar installers on the technical questions regarding modern PV solar systems.

The cost of PV solar power has come down 99% over the past 40 years. Meanwhile, “conversion efficiency“, which represents the amount of sunlight that is converted to electricity, is now as high as 22.8%. To bring the cost down even further, state and federal governments offer Renewable Energy Tax Credits.

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How much will I pay in electricity? (Part Two)

In the continuing discussion of the electrical usage and costs of a High Volume Oxygen system, I wanted to share a modified configuration of the Lincoln Hot Glass system with different torches working on it. The configuration of the system and the torches working on it will affect the electrical costs. A larger system that needs to turn on fewer times to refill will have lower electrical costs than a smaller system that runs more often.

The HVO configuration for this graph is a MAX 60 gallon system with a 60 gallon storage tank and five 10 lpm oxygen concentrators (or 50 lpm).

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