HVO Pro Series Wireless System Monitor and Alarm


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The System Monitor displays real-time information about an HVO Pro Series system’s critical metrics: tank pressure, oxygen purity, temperature and humidity. It also sounds a warning and a critical-condition alarm to call out important changes in oxygen purity or tank pressure. The monitor is designed to enable all personnel to be able to have access to HVO metrics at a glance from anywhere in your office.


  • 10.1” Monitor with stereo speakers and internal computer and power supply
  • Monitor Stand
  • Wireless Keyboard/Mouse with internal rechargeable battery, USB charging cable
  • USB Keyboard Dongle
  • Preloaded Monitor software


  • The monitor needs to access the same wifi network that the HVO Pro Series system is connected to
  • Runs on 120V power


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 5 in