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The Relay Box is a multi-outlet power switch that is designed exclusively for use with HVO systems. It enables the attached oxygen concentrators to be automatically switched on and off via a signal sent over a coaxial cable from the HVO Main unit.

Available in 3 and 5-outlet models, for both US (110-120V) and EU (220-240V) power. Each relay box is outfitted with two coaxial connectors intended for “daisy-chaining” HVO components together.

In addition to the relay box itself, the kit includes:

  • (1) 6 ft / 1.8 m heavy-duty machine cord
  • (1) 6 ft / 1.8 m coaxial cable

NOTE: Oxygen manifold lines and push-to-connects needed to connect the oxygen concentrators to the HVO headbox are sold separately.


A typical 10 LPM oxygen concentrator is rated at 600 watts. Thus, a fully-populated 3-Outlet Relay Box will consume 1800 watts, whereas a fully populated 5-Outlet Relay Box will consume 3000 watts.

For US 110-120V power, this equates to the need for a dedicated 20 amp circuit for each 3-Outlet Relay Box, and 30 amps for a 5-Outlet Relay Box. For 220-240 volt power, that would be 10 amps and 15 amps, respectively.

All Relay Boxes have a built-in breaker with push-button reset. 

CANCELED ORDERS: If you make a purchase and subsequently cancel, a 5% restocking fee will apply. 

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