Handheld Ultrasonic Oxygen Analyzer


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Measures the oxygen percentage produced by PSA oxygen concentrators. Requires NO expensive replacement sensors, never needs calibration. Accurate to within plus/minus 2%. Made in the USA for High Volume Oxygen.

To operate, take the 3/8” OD oxygen line leaving your oxygen concentrator and connect it to the barbed fitting marked “inlet”. While oxygen is flowing at a rate of 9 LPM, press the activation button and wait about 10 seconds. The percentage of oxygen purity will display. The device will automatically power off after 60 seconds.

Requires a 9 volt battery (included).

Includes a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

NOTE: NOT FOR USE WITH HIGH-PRESSURE OXYGEN CYLINDERS. You must adjust the gas flow to 9 liters per minute to get an accurate reading. The normal pressure of most oxygen concentrators is 12-20 psi. The maximum pressure of this O2 analyzer is 30 PSI.

WARNING: If you exceed 30 PSI you may permanently damage the unit. 

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