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How to expand your HVO system


If you find that your oxygen requirements have grown since your original purchase or you’re thinking about buying a large HVO system, this post will be helpful.

Did you know that HVO has the only expandable oxygen-generating system on the market? This means that you can start with a system that has one oxygen concentrator generating 10 LPM and add capacity to generate 80, 100, 120 LPM, or even more. Because of this, you can preserve your original investment. This makes the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for an HVO system lower than any competing product on the market today.

There are three ways to expand an HVO system:

  1. Get more Oxygen Concentrators
  2. Add a Drone, Storage Tank & Concentrators
  3. Get a Storage Tank

Oxygen Concentrators

The least costly option is to add concentrators. However, there is a limit to how much input volume each compressor can handle. For the Standard and Mighty Mite, you can attach up to five 10 LPM oxygen concentrators, whereas the MAX can handle six. If an existing system has fewer than the maximum number of oxygen concentrators, you can add one or more to increase output volume.

Drone, Storage Tank & Concentrators

If your system already has the maximum number of oxygen concentrators attached, you can add a Drone. A Drone is a compressor / tank combination that enables you to add additional oxygen concentrators. The Main storage tank is connected to the Drone’s tank via a braided-steel line. This essentially turns two tanks into one big tank. The Drone is turned on and off by the Main via the same coaxial control line that turns the oxygen concentrators on and off.

With a Drone, you are able to add both oxygen concentrators and oxygen storage, greatly increasing the overall generating capacity of your system. Drone are available with 30, 60 and 80-gallon tanks. To build large systems, you can add multiple Drone.

Storage Tank

If you have peak usage intervals and long periods of low usage, you may be a good candidate for this second-to-lowest-cost option. Adding a storage tank may make it possible to generate and store enough oxygen to perform certain time-bound tasks. In this scenario, you’ll have predetermined the amount of oxygen needed. With the proper-sized storage tank, enough stored oxygen will be available to get the job done. You can always add a Drone headbox to the storage tank at a later date.

Add Another Main

Of course, it’s always an option to simply add another standalone HVO system. Taking this approach is slightly more expensive but it also creates redundancy that will ensure that you have at least one working system available.

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