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How to attach an Ethernet cable to the Seeing Eye IoT Controller

This post pertains to systems that use the Seeing Eye Cloud Service.

Most of our customers use a WiFi connection to get IoT data up to the cloud, but you can use an Ethernet cable. This is a great option when it’s easy to run a cable to the HVO system. A hard-wired connection will provide higher bandwidth, better latency, and greater reliability.

  1. Turn off the HVO system using the black switch in the back of the headbox, and unplug it, as well.
  2. Run an Ethernet cable to the HVO system (cat5 or cat6 will work).
  3. Remove the three Phillips-head screws from the headbox lid (the box on top of the tank) and open the lid.

    NOTE: Do not reach into the headbox with metal tools. Also, be careful not to disturb the red/green/black wires on top of the IoT controller.
  4. Snake the Ethernet cable up through the large center hole at the bottom of the headbox.
  5. Find the IoT controller. It’s a black box with an LED matrix on top.
  6. Find the Ethernet jack on the IoT controller (near the USB ports) and plug it in.
  7. Close the lid, button up the screws, and turn on the system.

At the end of this procedure, you may have two network connections (if WiFi had been configured prior to this change) and an IP address for each. The IoT controller will choose the best network connection, which will nearly always be the wired connection.

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