Unlocking Efficiency: HVO Systems for Wastewater Treatment

Welcome to the future of wastewater treatment! At High Volume Oxygen, we’re proud to introduce you to our cutting-edge Classic Plus™ and Pro Plus™ oxygen generating systems, which are ideal for applications that require up to 300 L/min of PSA oxygen. Our innovative solutions are revolutionizing the way that oxygen is produced, offering benefits that will not only reduce the cost of oxygen, but — due to the system’s modular design — will simplify the scaling and management of your solution, while providing multiple levels of redundancy.

What is an HVO System?

HVO’s state-of-the-art oxygen generation systems leverage low-cost, mass-produced PSA oxygen concentrators to generate oxygen reliably and at low cost. By producing oxygen on-site, these systems eliminate the need for traditional oxygen supply methods, such as liquid oxygen or oxygen cylinders. Instead, they rely on a molecular sieve-based PSA technology to extract oxygen from the surrounding air, providing a continuous and cost-effective source of oxygen for your wastewater treatment facility.

Benefits of HVO Oxygen Generating Systems:

1. Cost Efficiency

By generating oxygen on-site, HVO systems significantly reduce the operational costs associated with wastewater treatment. Say goodbye to expensive liquid oxygen deliveries, cylinder replacements, as well as increasing costs and the assortment of fees charged by the gas companies. With HVO, you’ll experience both the convenience of on-site oxygen generation and substantial savings, with break-even in as little as one year.

2. Energy Efficiency

HVO systems are designed to optimize energy consumption. Their advanced controls ensure that oxygen production matches the specific needs of your wastewater treatment process, reducing unnecessary energy expenditure. The system generates oxygen on demand, and turns off when there is sufficient oxygen in storage. This eco-friendly approach not only saves money, but also reduces your carbon footprint, especially when compared to trucks that burn fossil-fuels to deliver oxygen.

3. Reliable & Scalable

Reliability is paramount in wastewater treatment. HVO systems are engineered for durability and dependability. They require minimal maintenance and their modularity allows for individual components to be replaced, enabling a longer operational lifespan compared to competing, monolithic oxygen plants.

Whether you’re managing a small municipal treatment plant or a large industrial facility, HVO oxygen generating systems can be tailored to suit your needs. They are highly scalable, allowing you to expand your wastewater treatment capacity without hassle. Build one centralized system, or multiple distributed systems to produce the required volume of oxygen.

5. Available with Monitoring & Alarm Notification

Every HVO Pro Plus™️ system is cloud-enabled and comes with a one year subscription to the Seeing Eye™️ cloud monitoring and notification service.

System metrics are sent to the cloud every 10 seconds. See up-to-the-minute statistics using any web browser to display a graph in the Seeing Eye™️ web portal. Receive email or text alarms about tank pressure, oxygen purity, ambient & gas temperature.

Join the HVO Revolution

Investing in an HVO oxygen generating system for your wastewater treatment facility is not just a smart financial move; it’s a commitment to a sustainable and eco-friendly future. At High Volume Oxygen, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve efficiency, cost savings, and environmental stewardship in your wastewater treatment operations.

Contact us today to learn more about how our HVO systems can transform your wastewater treatment process. Join the revolution and be a part of a cleaner, more sustainable world.