The Pro Plus™️: Industrial Strength, Smart O2

Cloud connected for 24×7 status information. View graphs of your Pro Plus™️ system’s critical metrics, such as tank pressure and oxygen percent. Receive alerts when sensor readings are outside of normal ranges.

Provides real-time system monitoring for critical applications. Know your system’s status around the clock.

The Pro Plus™️ contains the best features of the Classic Plus™️, but adds a 5″ touchscreen, an online web portal, cloud monitoring and notifications, an onboard ultrasonic oxygen purity sensor, and remote software updates.

New 5″ Touchscreen Makes System Operation a Snap

Our new touchscreen user interface puts data and configuration functions at your fingertips:

  • Easily view critical system metrics such as tank pressure, O2 %, and network connection status.
  • Connect your HVO Pro Plus system to Wi-Fi.
  • Choose your preferred language and units of measurement.
  • Secure your HVO Pro Plus System with a pin code so that the configuration won’t be altered.
  • Communicate Wi-Fi information to your Smart Relay(s) with a few button presses.

Introducing the Pro Plus™ mini: Pro Features, Low Cost

An affordable, all-in-one package that is a perfect fit for small-scale applications that require monitoring and oxygen purity sensing. Comes complete with either 10 or 20 LPM of oxygen generating capacity, a stainless steel rack, oxygen regulator, relay box, all necessary lines and cables, and a one year cloud monitoring & notification subscription.


  • Pro Plus mini 10 LPM: $11,850 MSRP
  • Pro Plus mini 20 LPM: $13,850 MSRP


  • Mini: 120VAC/60Hz, 550W, 5A
  • Supports regulator pressure up to 55 psi
  • Stored oxygen volume: 515 Liters @ 100 psi
  • Sound level: ~60 dB
  • Dimensions (racked): Height: 54” x Width: 60” x Depth: 18”
  • Weight with one/two concentrators: 225 lbs / 290 lbs
  • Power requirements: 120VAC/60Hz power, 1200W (10 LPM) or 1800W (20 LPM)
  • Outlet types: (1) NEMA 5-15R, (1) NEMA 5-20R

The Smart Relay

A 5-outlet Smart Relay is now available as an alternative to the standard 3-outlet and 5-outlet relay boxes currently offered. In the HVO System, the Main sends a signal to the relay box(es) via coaxial cable to switch the power on or off on a bank of oxygen concentrators. The Smart Relay incorporates new features:

  • Senses the volts and amps consumed by the attached oxygen concentrators to ensure that they are operating within normal ranges. This data is optionally transmitted to the cloud, where it is stored and analyzed. Notifications may be sent via text and/or email if there is a voltage, amperage, or  temperature abnormality.
  • Enables a Drone to be switched on with a configurable delay, so that the connected concentrators may be “warmed up” until they are producing the maximum oxygen concentration.
  • A configurable delay may be applied when energizing the individual outlets on the relay box . This helps to prevent a power surge that might trip an electrical breaker.
  • LED lights show the status of the Smart Relay, such as whether the coaxial signal is on and whether the relay box is connected to the cloud.
  • An on-board 100dB piezo buzzer produces an audible tone when a critical condition is detected.

Seeing Eye™️ Cloud Monitoring and Notification

Every Pro Plus™️ system comes with a one year subscription to the Seeing Eye™️ cloud monitoring and notification service. The subscription includes support for Smart Relay boxes. Benefits include:

View Historical Data
  • System metrics are updated every 10 seconds and stored in the cloud, where they may be viewed in the Seeing Eye™️ web portal using any browser.
  • Tracks tank pressure, oxygen purity, ambient, temperature, gas temperature
  • With the Smart Relay you also get voltage, amperage, Main signal status, Drone signal status, and ambient temperature.
  • Email and text notifications are sent when data is outside of normal ranges, e.g. when a tank pressure or oxygen purity is low.
  • Configure multiple recipients to receive alerts via email and/or SMS (text) messages.
  • Configure the thresholds that trigger alerts, and the frequency of notification.

Model Options

We offer three tank sizes (30, 60, and 80 gallon) and three compressor types. See the table below for details:

Tank Size (Liquid Gallons)O2 Volume at Pressure (Liters)CompressorMax. Input (LPM)Max. PSI
301,236Mighty Mite36160
1,236Titan 154160
1,352Titan 263175
602,472Mighty Mite36160
2,472Titan 154160
2,704Titan 263175
803,296Mighty Mite36160
3,296Titan 154160
3,605Titan 263175