Annual Subscription to the Seeing Eye(TM) Cloud Monitoring Service


Purchase an annual subscription to the Seeing Eye(TM) Cloud Monitoring Service. Save up to $300 on a multi-year subscription.

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If you own an HVO Pro Series oxygen generator from HVO, you are equipped to take advantage of the Seeing Eye Cloud Monitoring System. With this product, your HVO system is monitored 24X7, which is ideal for critical and life-supporting applications such as veterinary, aquaculture, and horticulture.

Features include:

  • View up-to-the-minute historical data on your computer, phone, or tablet
  • Know your current oxygen tank pressure, oxygen purity, and environmental conditions such as temperature & humidity
  • Receive email and/or text messages about important changes such as low tank pressure and low oxygen purity
  • Receive live software updates to get new features
  • Includes up to five user accounts for your organization, and one year of historical data storage

IMPORTANT: This product is intended for existing Pro Series customers only. New systems come with a 1-year subscription built-in. This product is to renew your subscription for another 1-3 years. If you’re unclear about whether you should purchase this product, please contact us.

REFUND FEE: You may request a refund within 5 days of the purchase date. However, we will we be required to charge you a $50 credit card fee, because that is the amount we are charged by our merchant bank to issue refunds.