HVO Seeing Eye™ Cloud Monitoring and Notification Service

Terms of Service Agreement

The HVO Seeing Eye™ Cloud Monitoring and Notification Service (the Service) is a web-based Software-as-a-Service offering of HVLPO2, LLC dba High Volume Oxygen (“HVO”). The Service enables operational data collected by the HVO oxygen-generating system (the System) to be transmitted to web-based HVO servers (the Seeing Eye™ Cloud), where it is stored securely. The Service permits the owner of the System and its authorized agents (the Customer) to access a secure web portal 24X7 to view current and historical data for their System(s), as well as to receive electronic notification about System events that may require action on the part of the Customer.

The Service requires the Customer to provide access to a reliable network connection for the purpose of transmitting System data to the Seeing Eye™ Cloud. All information exchanged between the System and the Seeing Eye™ Cloud is encrypted using HTTPS from the point of origin in the System, through the Customer’s network, across the public Internet, and into the Seeing Eye™ Cloud. The data collected by the Service may include tank pressure, oxygen purity, atmospheric pressure, enclosure temperature, enclosure humidity, relay box power usage, relay box signals, and relay box temperature. In addition, user ids and passwords are stored in a secure database to facilitate login.

The Customer may request as many as five User Accounts to provide to their employees or authorized agents. An account enables a user to login to the Seeing Eye portal to view System status information. The Service may be configured to send text and/or email notifications to user account holders when actionable events are found.

A one year subscription to the Service is included with each System. The subscription becomes active on the date the System is delivered to the Customer. After the first year, the Customer may optionally renew their subscription(s) to the Service for an annual fee per System. 

If a subscription expires, all account holders will be sent a formal notice of expiration via email and granted a 30 day grace period prior to being denied access to the Service. Once the  grace period has expired, all text and email notifications will cease for that subscription. Customer data for an expired subscription will be preserved for 90 days and then deleted unless other arrangements are made with HVO in advance.

The data collected by the Service becomes the sole property of HVO. Customers with active subscriptions may make a written or electronic mail request to receive up to 12 months of the most recent data collected for their System(s). HVO may take up to 3 months to deliver such information. No more than one request for data per calendar year shall be granted.

HVO will make a good-faith effort to maintain up to one year of historical data in the Seeing Eye™ Cloud. Data that is older than one year will be truncated automatically with no possibility of recovery. In circumstances that are outside of HVO’s control, such as network outages, hardware failures, and hosting anomalies, some or all data may be permanently lost or deleted.

HVO will be held harmless if a) the Customer is sent notifications that they fail to act upon, or b) notifications are not received by the Customer for reasons outside of HVO’s control, or c) if data is lost for any reason. HVO will not be held responsible for communication failures that may occur, whether on the Customer’s premises, on public networks, or in the Seeing Eye™ Cloud.

Customer agrees to indemnify HVO from and against settlements, damage awards, interest, penalties, fines, costs, or expenses of any  kind, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and the costs of enforcing any right to indemnification hereunder in connection with any claim, suit, action, or proceeding, whether third party or direct, to the extent that such losses arise out of or relate to any allegation of negligence, intentional wrongdoing or abuse, misapplication, misuse, or more culpable act or omission (including recklessness or willful misconduct) by or on behalf of Customer, its employees, Customers, or independent contractors with respect to the System or relating to use of the System by or on behalf of Customer that is outside the purpose, scope, instructions, or manner of use authorized by HVO or relating to the information that is received by Customer by or through the System.

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Agreement last updated Oct 21, 2021