Pro Series: Smart Oxygen Generation

Network connected for 24×7 status information. View graphs of your Pro Series’ critical metrics. Receive alerts when metrics fall outside of normal ranges. Measure actual oxygen output in LPM with an optional Mass Flow Sensor.

Real-time system monitoring in the AWS cloud for critical applications. Know your system’s status around the clock.

The Pro Series™️ contains the best features of the Classic, but adds IoT support, an online web portal, cloud monitoring and notifications, an onboard ultrasonic oxygen purity sensor, a data display, and remote software updates.

Seeing Eye™️ IoT

  • System metrics are updated every 10 seconds and stored in the cloud, where they may be viewed in the Seeing Eye™️ web portal with any browser.
  • Tracks tank pressure, oxygen purity, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure.
  • Email and text notifications are sent when data is outside of normal ranges, e.g. when a tank pressure or oxygen purity is low.
  • Configure multiple recipients to receive alerts via email and/or SMS (text) messages.
  • Configure the thresholds that trigger alerts, and the frequency of notification.

Configuration Options

Tank SizeO2 CapacityCompressorMax. InputSystem Weight
30 Gal772.4 LMighty Mite45 LPM150 lbs / 68 kg
1,158.7 LMAX55 LPM
60 Gal1,544.9 LMighty Mite45 LPM230 lbs / 104 kg
2,317.3 LMAX55 LPM
80 Gal2,059.9 LMighty Mite45 LPM300 lbs / 136 kg
3,089.8 LMAX55 LPM

Concentrator Cabinets

Protect and organize your oxygen concentrators in our ventilated, dust-free cabinets. Available in 4-concentrator and 6-concentrator designs.

4 Concentrator Cabinet Specifications

  • Two shelves, locking doors and casters
  • 500 CFM / 1000 watt AC fan powered by relay box outlet
  • Requires 30 A dedicated circuit
  • Equipped with oxygen lines to all concentrators
  • Single 3/8″ push-to-connect output and two coaxial connectors located on the rear of the cabinet
  • Available for both the Classic and Pro Series
  • Dimensions: 36″ W x 79″ H x 24″ D
  • Weight: 180 lbs without concentrators or relay box