COMPLETE SYSTEM: HVO Std 20 gal, 10-40 LPM


A complete HVO system with up to 40 LPM of oxygen generating capacity.

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Generates from 10 to 40 LPM of 93-95% pure oxygen, depending on how many oxygen concentrators are attached. Each HVO-10 oxygen concentrator generates 10 LPM. At the maximum tank pressure of 100 psig, the tank will contain 515 liters of oxygen. Capable of generating a constant regulator pressure of up to 30 psi.

This reliable, workhorse oxygen generating system equipped with 10 LPM is large enough for a single glass artist with a small to medium-sized torch to work continuously. Can be purchased with as much as 40 LPM (i.e. four 10 LPM oxygen concentrators).

The online bundle is only available with HVO-10 oxygen concentrators. If you require more than 40 LPM, contact us.

ONLINE SPECIAL: Includes a Harris High-Flow, Low-Pressure oxygen regulator at no extra charge.


  • CANCELED ORDERS: If you make a purchase and subsequently cancel, a 5% restocking fee will apply. 

PRESSURE: The system will maintain the pressure in the 20-gallon storage tank between 30 and 100 psig, presuming that the outbound flow does not exceed the input flow. The maximum continuous regulator pressure is 30 psig. If you require higher pressure you will need a Mighty Mite or a MAX model. Feel free to contact us for more information.

POWER: Requires one 120V / 15 amp circuit and one 120V / 20 amp circuit per 3-outlet relay box, or 120V / 30 amp circuit per 5-outlet relay box.

RELAY BOX: If you order more than three concentrators, you will automatically receive a 5-outlet relay box. As noted, the 5-outlet relay box requires a dedicated 120V / 30 amp circuit, in addition to the Main system’s 120V / 15 amp requirement.

See technical specifications.

THE ONLINE PRODUCT IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR COUNTRIES WITH 100-125V POWER (USA,Canada,Mexico,Japan). If you have 220/240V power, please contact us for more information.

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