5-Outlet Smart Relay Box


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The 5-outlet Smart Relay Box switches power to up to five 10 LPM PSA oxygen concentrators. It serves the same purpose as the standard 3-outlet and 5-outlet relay boxes, but with many new features, including:

  • Senses volts and amps consumed by the attached oxygen concentrators, as well as Main and Drone signal status, and ambient temperature.
  • Transmits sensor data to the cloud every 10 seconds. A graph of this information may be viewed on the Seeing Eye™ web portal*. Notifications are sent via text and/or email when actionable conditions are detected.
  • Uses LEDs to indicate the status of the Smart Relay Box, such as whether the coaxial signal is on, and whether the Smart Relay is connected to the cloud.
  • Enables a Drone to be activated with a configurable delay, so that the connected concentrators may be “warmed up” to maximum efficiency.
  • Capable of energizing individual outlets with a delay to prevent a power surge that could trip an electrical breaker.
  • An on-board 100dB piezo buzzer produces a tone when an actionable condition has been detected, such as over-amperage.
  • Compatible with all HVO systems, current and past.

Requires a 120VAC/30A dedicated circuit. Uses a NEMA L5-30P plug.

Supports up to five 120VAC/60hz oxygen concentrators with maximum current of 6A each.

We do not currently offer a 220 volt model of the Smart Relay. For 220VAC / 50Hz power, see the standard 3-outlet and 5-outlet relay boxes.

*The Seeing Eye™ web portal is a subscription-based service. A one year subscription is included with every HVO Pro Plus™ system.

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Dimensions 13.5 × 7.25 × 4 in